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Due to a lot of reasons, brands and businesses are choosing online platforms as a platform. Whether you are a veteran or start-up, using online platforms such as websites is a great helping hand to your business. The first step will be registering with domain names and check if they are available or taken. Read more into this article if you are intrigued and want to know more.

What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name functions similarly to your actual address in that it is how people locate you on the Internet. The address bar at the top of a web browser is where you enter a domain name to find a website, which is why it’s called that. If a domain name is your address, the server that your website is housed on is the physical structure.

What is the advantage of owning a domain name?

A strong domain name is a great helping hand in creating a profitable and successful business service. Aside from adding credibility and visibility for your brand, having a domain name could be;

  • Provide you access to markets either locally or globally
  • It will raise your ranking in popular search engines like google, which in turn bring more customers
  • Brings your brand into the advanced and sophisticated stage.

How To choose a Domain Name?

It takes a lot of thought and research to find out how to choose a domain name, just like it takes a lot of thought and consideration to figure out how to choose a brand name. Check Domain Name Online is your persona; you’ll want to pick one which not only matches your brand but is also easy to recognize and publicize.

The following pointers will help you in choosing the perfect domain name: 

1. Choose an easy to type the domain name

l Avoid slang unless it is a part of your name

l Avoid words or names that can easily be misspelled

2. Make it short

Avoid long domain names because: 

l They are hard to remember

l High risk of mistyping or misspelled

3. Use keywords

l Use keywords that that best describes your business and brand 

They help you improve your rank on search engines which in turn brings more traffic

l Makes more sense to customers

4. Concentrate your efforts on a certain area.

l Add certain elements to make it more memorable

l This, inreturn, helps target your customers

5. Numbers and hyphens should be avoided.

Avoid them because:

l People forget hyphens or may confuse them with other punctuation.

l Confusion can rise of whether you use a numeral or spelled it out

6. Make a lasting impression.

l Make sure your domain name stands out

7. Research well.

l Look if your domain name is already register to avoid legal allegations

l Understand the domain’s value

8. Select a domain name extension that is appropriate for your needs.

l You have to know that certain Check Domain Name goes with a specific business-like. bike for bike-related businesses, dentists for dental businesses, and more. 

9. Create and preserve your brand.

l Protect your name from being register with different domain names

l Even during mistypes, make sure your customer find your site

10. Act swiftly.

l Registering a domain name is not that expensive, so register quickly.

l Use Onlive server to get any name you want. 

Checking Domain Names Online

After going through the guide on what domain names are, let us navigate back to the main topic of this article; checking domain names online. 

What is the best way to find who owns a domain name?

There are several methods for determining who owns a domain. The Onlive Server directory lists the domain owner’s contact information other details that can aid in their identification. If you are inadequate to locate the owner, you should have a backup strategy in place.

Ø Additional guides are:

You Visit the website to learn more.

l Check the Onlive Server Directory to see if the domain name is liste.

You Obtain the contact information for the domain registrar.

How can I see if a domain name is available?

To verify if your domain name is available, use the search bar at the top of the page to see if it already exists. The name of your website will either be available or already taken. If your domain is take, it implies the Registry has reserve it, or someone else has register it. Use Onlive Server if you need a quick and secure domain name checker.


This article gives a detailed overview of what domain names are and also how to check them online. When you start bringing your brand and service online for better profit and traffic. Having it with a legit domain name is a must. Onlive Server, which is repeatedly mentione in this article, provide the best place to find a domain. You can also check if your chosen domain is available or taken.