How to Select Cheapest Linux VPSwith Best Offers?


Cheapest Linux VPS

Selecting a reliable Switzerland Cheapest Linux VPS provider can be a tough task. Who to trust? What features in Linux VPS you need? What amount to pay? How to pay? How do you transfer an existing website to new VPS or transfer from window server to Linux VPS?

Who to trust?

Whatever is the size of your web portal, our representative will help you find the suitable Cheap VPS Linux plan and other hosting plan provided by Our customer care service makes us a trusted VPS provider in the market.

Linux VPS Server provides powerful hosting at an affordable price. Windows server is the most popular OS worldwide. Onlive Infotech provides the best web hosting. Onlive Infotech offers many VPS hositng plans, dedicated server hosting, cloud VPS Server, web hosting plans and fully customers satisfaction. It is the only hosting company in India. This offers FREE control panel and technical supports.

What features in Linux VPS you need?

  • Switzerland Linux VPS server is always powerful hosting because it uses the Linux operating system that is secure in every manner. Security is the main feature of Linux VPS that makes its preferred over the window hosting. Our Cheap Linux VPS have very efficient firewall that avoids unauthorized access and strict file access systems that stop the processing of corrupted files.
  • 99% High Up-time- It means how long a Linux VPS functions. Our Linux servers have 99.9% high up- time because of its robust and high end performance.
  • Administration: Administration of Linux servers is easy. You can control and manage remotely at any place by using a smart phone as well as laptop/PC. No additional software required in the administration of Linux VPS.
  • Data Protection is the important feature in our VPS while it’s Switzerland cheapest Linux VPS in the market. Every website is always concern about the data protection of their customers. Data protection system in Linux VPS is absolute reliable over client’s data.
  • Compatible with all Domain TLD- A Linux VPS is compatible with any TLD domain. It’s not matter of concern that which TLD is not functional with Linux. It works well with all kind of TLD.
  • Global Data Center- We have 30 Data center from the different country locations across the world. It makes you choice wider while purchasing a Cheap VPS Linux according to your website’s targeted country because it’s also help you in the improving your website rank in the search engines.

Why Linux VPS is always preferred over dedicated hosting:

VPS (virtual private server) is a flexible and cost effective hosting solution that contains the features is more than shared hosting and a little less than dedicated hosting. As in a dedicated Linux server, any website hosted on a Switzerland Cheap VPS Linux has a private space that is not shared  with the other websites.

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