Onlive Server offers price positive VPS Server. You can decrease your capital expenditures; IT spending and experience incredible provider help properly with VPS USA.

In VPS hosting you will get a bodily server with a dedicated IP tackle & resources. VPS USA is an easy, contemporary & superior way to partition a bodily server into multiple digital machines. According to market experts, VPS USA going to be the king of web hosting technology because of its points & performance as a devoted server at low prices. There are some main web hosting companies presenting VPS Server options for small-sized businesses, medium-sized firms & net professionals. To be aware of greater about VPS, read our article- VPS hosting: Everything You Need to Know

In this platform, you get manipulation & flexibility of the server at very low-priced prices. VPS affords an impartial server so you don’t want to fear privacy. Below stated are some motives why have to you select a VPS Hosting solution for your business. You can get full control & flexibility of the server at very affordable prices.

Let’s Know About VPS USA

VPS USA provides reliable hosting solutions with flexible pricing plans that can meet your hosting needs. Our VPS hosting service is scalable, and we are known for our high-quality standards backed by an outstanding customer support team. Our hosted solutions can support a wide variety of software and databases to ensure your website’s responsiveness, security, and uptime whether you’re developing a new project or migrating an existing one.

 VPS hosting is just a brand of the latest cloud hosting solutions that help you to fulfil your software and website development needs. We offer a variety of high-performance hosting services with lightning-fast servers at competitive rates. The servers are located in different locations in different data centres in the world.

Features of VPS USA

Fast Setup

It is very suitable to set up. Companies will supply VPS within a few minutes of order placement. Faster setup time skill extra time on the business, and much less time having to deal with the technical problems of a website. In a managed server, you don’t want technical knowledge.

VPS Service

Your non-public server is hosted in the VPS. USA VPS is an on-demand service. You can personalize your design in accordance with your wants so you solely have to pay for what you use. With a Server environment, you don’t want to purchase a server.

USA VPS Server Hosting Plans

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Save Money

VPS solution will retailer your enterprise money. Small businesses don’t have the massive finance to go with a dedicated server. In the VPS server, you will get dedicated sources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. It is much less steeply-priced than a devoted server. VPS affords advantages like a dedicated server at a sensible price.


Users have whole managed or command over their servers. Users have whole access to their personal server, they can deploy & run any software on the server. Users can access their servers from somewhere at any time over the Internet. You can set up a couple of customers or crew individuals on VPS to share functions (Collaboration).

High-Speed Performance

In VPS customers get dedicated resources, so the website can’t be affected via the load or site visitors of different websites. So, website performance will be improved.


It is a scalable service. You can improve your service, sketch & source in accordance with your enterprise needs. As we mentioned, many hosting companies cloud VPS solutions; so, you will get the carrier on demand & pay as you go.


Security is a frequent & huge deal in the technology world for each enterprise owner. You have root access with a dedicated IP address, so your non-public data or information will be safe. VPS has a multi-layered protection system. So, you don’t want to fear because VPS is an invulnerable desire for business.

High Availability

For any website or business, it is very essential to be accessible 24/7 online for its users. VPS supplies extraordinary uptime (99.9%) excessive performance with 24/7 customer support. So, you don’t want to fear website downtime. Hosting company businesses provide help through phone, chat, and e-mail.

Managing Your USA VPS Server

Managed VPS 

 USA VPS hosting has been a dream for many owners of VPS hosting services, unfortunately, it is difficult to choose the best VPS provider for each case. This can happen because there are too many providers offering their services, and it is good to find one that is able to fulfil your needs at the best price. No matter whether you are looking for the best VPS or you want a VPS service with high performance. We are here to help you choose the right.

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Self-Managed VPS

Self-Managed VPS United States provides your local access to a complete command line for your Server, through SSH and RDP. If you want to use Apache, Mail server and SQL Server or MySQL, etc. You need a self-managed server. The benefit is that the server is managed by you via a secure shell and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which enables you to effectively manage your network through RDP. This provision of remote access can add up to 30% cost savings. Our offering strives to provide you with the fastest and most stable internet connection in the industry by utilizing adaptive networking technology and superior hardware components. Our centralized management system will allow you to utilize all managed options available in your chosen platform, including firewall, anti-virus, and intrusion protection.